Rights of Foreign Labourworkers

The requirements, that the foreign labourworker must work and live under are : when the work contract is done, then he will be sent back to his home country. However there are terrible shadow stories that are coming to light about how the labourworker will quit, because he has been treated so horribly or cheated- and when the labourworker quits, he too will be sent back to his home country regardless of the conditions surrounding his decision to quit. This has been the reality for some of those who decide to come to the Faroe Islands to work.




To abuse foreign labour power , especially when they have nothing to fall back on , or any kind of support system- this should never occur in a country where it should wish the worker all the best . This is why we must give the foreign labourworkers the right to go into ALS to get back on their feet, and time to find themselves a new job with better work conditions.




Foreign labourworkers fill a large and important part of our daily lives. They fill the empty spaces that are here, because of our histortically low unemployeement levels. They pay their own part to our wellfare systems, but are not allowed to recieve any of the benefits from it, which they are participating in financing. This is something that I am planning to change, if I am elected to parliment !




X with Paul Kjartan Matras


X with Javnaðarflokkin (social democratic party)